Monday, March 31, 2014

#paganlists : quotes that inspire

What quotes are inspiring you right now? For me a lot of what inspires me lately seems to have to do with carving out the life you want and recognizing that you are your own worst enemy, so stop it!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

dream big!

Working on new projects, planning and plotting where life is going to take me next!

Remembering to dream big and let my heart soar with all the possibilities. Who knows how things will unfold but some days it's just lovely to dream. To get caught up in the myriad of ideas brewing in the back of my head. Of course there are more ideas there than I'll actually ever realize, but that's ok too.

I'm thinking about writing projects, custom stamp projects, scrapbooking, lists and learning herbs and essential oils and so many things in between.

What are you dreaming of these days?


expect the unexpected

Today's random photo bombing update brought to you by: religious oxymorons

True story. Actual church. Presbyterian I think. Totally random and catches my eye every time I pass it on the way to a friend's place.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

be brave and walk through the next door

Be brave. Leap into the unknown.

That's where I'm at right now. That's where all my art journal pages are going lately. It's funny how you can know something intellectually, or even emotionally for someone else, but struggle to live that truth for yourself.

I've always believed that when one door closes, another opens. I know... cliche and all that but I still believe it to be true. That said, I know it but struggle to live it. Why is that? Why can we give advice, know it to be true and yet fail to live the same advice in our own lives?

Or is it just me? Yeah, I know it's not!

So I'm reminding myself. Daily. On several pages. In several projects. Repeatedly. In different ways. Maybe one day, very soon, I'll let it sink in emotionally!


Monday, March 24, 2014

#paganlists : fav occult shows

It's a fact, while I scrapbook, I watch terrible TV!

What are your favourite "occult-esque" shows?


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ostara Goals

Another project I left to the wayside as pregnancy and new mamahood took over my life. #SabbatGoals Gods I'm so fracken happy that life is starting to feel more normal again! Yay for being able to pick up the projects I loved in order to feel more like me.

So as I reclaim my practices, here are the goals I have set for myself during this turn of the wheel.

Ostara (March 20th) to Beltane (May 1st):

I don't know what it is with me and lists lately. Maybe it's mama brain? Probably not, I've always been big on lists in my life. It's part of me deep seated love of paper supplies. Seriously, I like salivate in the stationery section. Scrapbooking is on some levels, just the bling version of my love of paper supplies!

Anyways, I'm rambling...

Do you have any goals for the next turn of the wheel?


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

dear universe...

I'm told that sometimes you need to just ask for what you need in life. You know, put it out there so that the universe can conspire to make it happen. So here it is:

I would like to find a small, intimate group of (local) people to study with on a semi serious/casual basis, as in once or twice a month meet up to discuss what we're working on, what we've learned, what we're wrestling with. I would like these people to be serious in their aspirations and able to motivate/inspire me (spiritually and materially) as much as I do the same for them.

On top of a monthly or bi-monthly meet up, I would like to be able to celebrate sabbats or esbats, depending on our collective schedules, in a child friendly, informal, and joyous environment. We don't have to celebrate all events together but I would like to be able to raise my son with an awareness of these days so I'd like there to be enough of these celebrations that he grows up with them in his life.

I don't want an overtly hierarchical group or a leader. I'm open to the idea of collective, collaborative learning with like minded souls.

I'd like to find my spiritual tribe. I'd like to be a part of that tribe for others. It doesn't have to always be easy, but it has to be worth it.

It's a tall order. But I'm putting it out there and trusting you'll help me manifest it.


one little word 2014 - reviewed

When I started off this year, I thought that health would be my word of focus for this year. #OneLittleWord  Turns out, I was wrong. Well, not completely wrong. But wrong in the way I would seek to nurture my health. I thought physical health would be my main focus. Turns out, life had different plans for me. This year seems to be the year of nurturing spiritual health.

And for me, nurturing spiritual health starts with focusing on delight.

So here's to a year of choosing to delight. To let go of the little things. To forgive. To let things roll off my back. To step back from the dramas around me. To chose not to create drama. To take time out and remember that a life worth living, for me at least, is based on delight.

Delighting in the miracle that is my son.
Delighting in the fact that I am so deeply loved by Mr Faye
Delighting in home and garden
Delighting in nature
Delighting in my connection with the divine
Delighting in writing, reading, and art
Delighting in the friendships that sustain me
Delighting in real food, real life, real time

Just delighting.

It's so easy to caught up in the shit. In the should haves. The poor me dramas. The crap that bogs us down and weighs us with burdens that are totally self imposed. We create our reality. Even the shit that we don't want by letting it determine our life. See, we have a choice. We can react or not to what comes our way. We can get caught up or let go. I'm choosing to let go of that which doesn't sustain or nurture delight in my life.

Of course I realize that it can't always be delight. But delight is the goal. And if something is going to move me away from delight, then I'm going to move in the opposite direction. Sometimes that means letting go. Sometimes that means brutal truth. Sometimes that means embracing things I'm scared of.

But yeah.


It's a good word to build a life around. Don't you think?


Monday, March 17, 2014

#paganlists : what I love about spring

Trying something new. Lists! Feel free to join in the fun if you so desire.

What do you love about spring? Here's a quick list of what I love:


Friday, March 14, 2014

this week I am

Suddenly life feels like it's starting to settle into a pattern again, wherein I actually have time to blog, create, and be me again. 

It's so fracken fantabulous it hurts! Like in a really good way that I want to pinch myself to see if it's real. 

What has your week looked like? Mine has been mostly about art and reading, which is amazing!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

trust: letting go in order to welcome in the new

One of the catches to letting go, is learning to trust that what you let go will allow for new, more needed/time appropriate things to enter instead. This is not my forte by any stretch. Trust me. (Ha ha, that's kind of funny)! But seriously, when I say that this is a struggle for me, I am being modest in my understatement.

I have always been the girl, desperate to believe and to have that belief proven. As you might imagine, this has created some rather large disappointments in my life as I set myself and my deities up to fail with timelines, tests, and so forth, all in the effort to gain validation to justify my trust.

Yes, I am one complex beast. I am very much the embodiment of You vs You in life.

The thing is, it's only when I try too hard, when I demand proof too much, and when I fail to let it be that I am filled with doubt. When I go with the flow, wait it out, and marvel in the small miracles, my life is filled with proof to justify my trust more than my heart can possibly contain.

And yet, I continue with this cycle of needing proof to justify my trust. It's deeply ingrained. I could blame it on my parents, and to some extent that would be justified, but I'm also not a victim of my life and thus believe that I have choice in the matter. I choose, on some messed up level, to continue to struggle with trust, despite the fact that there really isn't a need to do so at this point in my life. At least, not in the grand scheme of things, you know?

So how do I apply that to my daily life? How do I realize that in my spiritual practice? Can I let go long enough and trust that the universe will catch me? I'm working on it. I'm meditating on it. And slowly but surely, I'm facing the fact that it's only by letting go that I will ever have the possibility of change and finding that which I seek. All I ask is that the universe be gentle with me while I take my fumbling baby steps.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Elemental Art Journaling : Fire

As part of my effort to work with elemental meditation ( #ElementalArtJournal ) while art journaling, I try to set an intention (elementally speaking) before picking up my paint brush. This time I wanted to contemplate fire when I started this page. For me the colours that came through were red, orange, and pink, with a touch of blue later.

As I played with paint and thought fire, the way  it sparks, the flame, and energy, I found myself contemplating the questions that I keep asking and avoiding the answers to. I realize that I've beaten these questions into the ground, turning them inside out and upside down, as if the answers will change from what I know in my gut to be true.

I was initially surprised that it came up while contemplating fire, but then I realized that of course it would, it's a fire I feed with over analysis. It's pent up energy, burning in my stomach. It's a spark of something new waiting to come into my life, if only I would let it.

I just love it when something locks in this way. It's nothing new, and yet, my mind, spirit, and practice are uniting to whack me over the proverbial head with it. I am a little (lot) thick headed, so it's fitting.


Monday, March 10, 2014

art journal : mantra du jour

I told you that "Watch Your Thoughts" has become my new mantra of sorts. And you can see it popping up everywhere in my life these days and I work on trying to remember it throughout my day. (And if you peek to the left of the photo, you can see where my son is playing with his blocks on my old lululemon yoga mat (all my yoga mats have become play areas these days - speaking of which, I need a new mat, any suggestions?) as I created said page)!

Something I'm noticing a lot is that I play with water elemental colours a lot. Which is kind of funny since I don't really find myself attracted to orange normally. I obviously need to branch out and play with different colours.


Friday, March 7, 2014

this week I am

Digging out old projects and revisiting them to get back in the swing of things:

I'm not sure why I stopped doing this project. I think I changed computers and lost the hard file because my computer crashed. But I posted it on Scribd so it's not like I can't access it. So I went and downloaded it.

I've prepped myself for several weeks, so I'm good to go. Added bonus, it keeps me on top of noticing the lunar calendar again!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

watch your thoughts

Something that has been coming up on my radar a lot lately is the idea that your thoughts create your reality. In other words, watch your thoughts because they are determining the life you're creating.

It's a timely reminder as I face the last leg of real winter in my area (sure there will be snow and cold for another month, but from this point onward, it starts to feel like spring is coming). Winter tends to bog me down as I spend too much time indoors and get a little cabin feverish. This year, with Baby Faye, this has been more true than ever and I have noticed it weighing in on my state of being, even while trying to stay positive.

And at every turn, just when the cranktankerousness of my cabin fever starts closing in, the universe pops in and reminds me, Faye, watch your thoughts as they are shaping your reality.

Thus, this has become my new mantra lately:

Oh I know that it's easier said than done some days. I'm a Capricorn and thus, by nature, prone to be a bit melancholic at times. It's part of who I am. But then, when I take the time and effort to work on seeing the world from a more positive standpoint, I inevitably always notice that life just starts to slowly get easier.

It's not really easier. It just feels easier because I meet the challenges that are presented with a better outlook and that makes a huge difference.

This morning, as I watched another sunrise, courtesy of my son's rather crappy sleeping habits (what I wouldn't give for a good sleeper), I felt my frustration rising and caught myself just in time before I let it take over. Instead, I opted to make the most of my morning rocking, using it as a form of meditation. And wouldn't you know it, I rocked for just as long as I normally would, but by the end of it, I was calmer and happier because I chose to see it as an opportunity instead of a hindrance. Just for today. In that moment. Later, when I'm rocking again, I may face the same choice and make the opposite choice because I have forgotten, once again, to watch my thoughts.

I'm fallible. And far too often allow my thoughts to make the daily challenges mountains instead of  the molehills they really are. But I'm learning and trying. And ever so thankful that the universe is shoving it's foot in the door of my soul and telling me to pay more attention so that my thoughts can create the reality that I want to be living instead of the one I'm scared I'm trapped in.

And that my friends, actually kind of feels like a whole lot of magic on a very mundane level. So just for today my dear friends, try it. Watch your thoughts and see what you're mind is creating in order to create something beautiful.

That's my goal for myself and my wish for you for today.


Monday, March 3, 2014

art for perspective: to (re)act or not to (re)act

Some days I think it's important to step back and stay out of the dramas that we allow ourselves to become part of, because let's face it, we all have drama in our life that we really don't need to engage in. But then there are other times when I think not stepping up and saying no to the drama puts us into a position of being a doormat.

Finding the balance between when to step back and when to step forward isn't easy. Not for me and I suspect not for many.

In pop paganism we often bandy about the phrase "An it harm none, do what thou will". I tend to believe that this particular phrase gets overused but there is merit to it as a guiding principle, at least in theory.

Unfortunately it is impossible to ever harm none. Our very existence harms. We can however, seek to minimize the harms we do. Or focus our attention to certain areas and try to reduce the harms we cause.

But sometimes not stepping up means that you're doing more harm. Figuring out when you're doing more harm than not with non-action, particularly in loaded emotional scenarios can be challenging at best. Especially when our own egos step in and reactions become charged with ideas of right vs wrong action/behaviour etc.

It's one thing to remember that everyone you meet is the God/Goddess. It's another thing all together to let them treat you like crap. My motto, these days at least, is to try to sleep on my reactions (if I can sleep) before reassessing whether or not my reaction is justified or ego based. I'm not always clear on the answer even after sleep. Sometimes the answer is crystal clear without sleep. But I am trying to remember to step back, when appropriate (there are times when reaction needs to instant in order to be timely) before engaging in the muck.

Sometimes I consult my cards to check in. I often find my own reaction to my readings to be far more telling in terms of my ego than the actual reading itself is. Other times I try to meditate on it by going for a walk or talking it out (trying to focus more on the talking it out than the venting aspect which isn't easy for me).

Today I found taking time to doodle and paint in the colours in the page above were my go to calming/clarity ritual. Yet again art saves the day and provides me some perspective!

What are your tricks?