Monday, March 3, 2014

art for perspective: to (re)act or not to (re)act

Some days I think it's important to step back and stay out of the dramas that we allow ourselves to become part of, because let's face it, we all have drama in our life that we really don't need to engage in. But then there are other times when I think not stepping up and saying no to the drama puts us into a position of being a doormat.

Finding the balance between when to step back and when to step forward isn't easy. Not for me and I suspect not for many.

In pop paganism we often bandy about the phrase "An it harm none, do what thou will". I tend to believe that this particular phrase gets overused but there is merit to it as a guiding principle, at least in theory.

Unfortunately it is impossible to ever harm none. Our very existence harms. We can however, seek to minimize the harms we do. Or focus our attention to certain areas and try to reduce the harms we cause.

But sometimes not stepping up means that you're doing more harm. Figuring out when you're doing more harm than not with non-action, particularly in loaded emotional scenarios can be challenging at best. Especially when our own egos step in and reactions become charged with ideas of right vs wrong action/behaviour etc.

It's one thing to remember that everyone you meet is the God/Goddess. It's another thing all together to let them treat you like crap. My motto, these days at least, is to try to sleep on my reactions (if I can sleep) before reassessing whether or not my reaction is justified or ego based. I'm not always clear on the answer even after sleep. Sometimes the answer is crystal clear without sleep. But I am trying to remember to step back, when appropriate (there are times when reaction needs to instant in order to be timely) before engaging in the muck.

Sometimes I consult my cards to check in. I often find my own reaction to my readings to be far more telling in terms of my ego than the actual reading itself is. Other times I try to meditate on it by going for a walk or talking it out (trying to focus more on the talking it out than the venting aspect which isn't easy for me).

Today I found taking time to doodle and paint in the colours in the page above were my go to calming/clarity ritual. Yet again art saves the day and provides me some perspective!

What are your tricks?


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