Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Elemental Art Journaling : Fire

As part of my effort to work with elemental meditation ( #ElementalArtJournal ) while art journaling, I try to set an intention (elementally speaking) before picking up my paint brush. This time I wanted to contemplate fire when I started this page. For me the colours that came through were red, orange, and pink, with a touch of blue later.

As I played with paint and thought fire, the way  it sparks, the flame, and energy, I found myself contemplating the questions that I keep asking and avoiding the answers to. I realize that I've beaten these questions into the ground, turning them inside out and upside down, as if the answers will change from what I know in my gut to be true.

I was initially surprised that it came up while contemplating fire, but then I realized that of course it would, it's a fire I feed with over analysis. It's pent up energy, burning in my stomach. It's a spark of something new waiting to come into my life, if only I would let it.

I just love it when something locks in this way. It's nothing new, and yet, my mind, spirit, and practice are uniting to whack me over the proverbial head with it. I am a little (lot) thick headed, so it's fitting.


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