Tuesday, March 18, 2014

one little word 2014 - reviewed

When I started off this year, I thought that health would be my word of focus for this year. #OneLittleWord  Turns out, I was wrong. Well, not completely wrong. But wrong in the way I would seek to nurture my health. I thought physical health would be my main focus. Turns out, life had different plans for me. This year seems to be the year of nurturing spiritual health.

And for me, nurturing spiritual health starts with focusing on delight.

So here's to a year of choosing to delight. To let go of the little things. To forgive. To let things roll off my back. To step back from the dramas around me. To chose not to create drama. To take time out and remember that a life worth living, for me at least, is based on delight.

Delighting in the miracle that is my son.
Delighting in the fact that I am so deeply loved by Mr Faye
Delighting in home and garden
Delighting in nature
Delighting in my connection with the divine
Delighting in writing, reading, and art
Delighting in the friendships that sustain me
Delighting in real food, real life, real time

Just delighting.

It's so easy to caught up in the shit. In the should haves. The poor me dramas. The crap that bogs us down and weighs us with burdens that are totally self imposed. We create our reality. Even the shit that we don't want by letting it determine our life. See, we have a choice. We can react or not to what comes our way. We can get caught up or let go. I'm choosing to let go of that which doesn't sustain or nurture delight in my life.

Of course I realize that it can't always be delight. But delight is the goal. And if something is going to move me away from delight, then I'm going to move in the opposite direction. Sometimes that means letting go. Sometimes that means brutal truth. Sometimes that means embracing things I'm scared of.

But yeah.


It's a good word to build a life around. Don't you think?


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