Wednesday, March 5, 2014

watch your thoughts

Something that has been coming up on my radar a lot lately is the idea that your thoughts create your reality. In other words, watch your thoughts because they are determining the life you're creating.

It's a timely reminder as I face the last leg of real winter in my area (sure there will be snow and cold for another month, but from this point onward, it starts to feel like spring is coming). Winter tends to bog me down as I spend too much time indoors and get a little cabin feverish. This year, with Baby Faye, this has been more true than ever and I have noticed it weighing in on my state of being, even while trying to stay positive.

And at every turn, just when the cranktankerousness of my cabin fever starts closing in, the universe pops in and reminds me, Faye, watch your thoughts as they are shaping your reality.

Thus, this has become my new mantra lately:

Oh I know that it's easier said than done some days. I'm a Capricorn and thus, by nature, prone to be a bit melancholic at times. It's part of who I am. But then, when I take the time and effort to work on seeing the world from a more positive standpoint, I inevitably always notice that life just starts to slowly get easier.

It's not really easier. It just feels easier because I meet the challenges that are presented with a better outlook and that makes a huge difference.

This morning, as I watched another sunrise, courtesy of my son's rather crappy sleeping habits (what I wouldn't give for a good sleeper), I felt my frustration rising and caught myself just in time before I let it take over. Instead, I opted to make the most of my morning rocking, using it as a form of meditation. And wouldn't you know it, I rocked for just as long as I normally would, but by the end of it, I was calmer and happier because I chose to see it as an opportunity instead of a hindrance. Just for today. In that moment. Later, when I'm rocking again, I may face the same choice and make the opposite choice because I have forgotten, once again, to watch my thoughts.

I'm fallible. And far too often allow my thoughts to make the daily challenges mountains instead of  the molehills they really are. But I'm learning and trying. And ever so thankful that the universe is shoving it's foot in the door of my soul and telling me to pay more attention so that my thoughts can create the reality that I want to be living instead of the one I'm scared I'm trapped in.

And that my friends, actually kind of feels like a whole lot of magic on a very mundane level. So just for today my dear friends, try it. Watch your thoughts and see what you're mind is creating in order to create something beautiful.

That's my goal for myself and my wish for you for today.


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