Friday, April 11, 2014

this week I am

Life around here has been busy

The snow is finally melting and we have a river of sorts in our back yard and the cat is mewling to get outdoors again (she hates being locked in during the winter months)

Baby Faye has started crawling and pulling up on pretty much everything.

I attended a bridal shower extravaganza (seriously I don't think I've ever celebrated a couple getting married quite so much and I'm really struggling with my reaction to it. On one hand I find it ostentatious, on another I'm happy for them they are so loved, and on my third, invisible hand, I think I'm a little jealous because of the 2nd reason). But seriously, despite my reactions, I love her dearly and wish her the best.

But whilst celebrating her upcoming wedding to my cousin in law, I tried my first sake bomb and cookie decorating. So new experiences abound

Sake Bomb. Surprisingly light and tasty.
Mine weren't anywhere as nice as these but you get the idea!

I've been working on the meditation and have gotten 2x a week on average since the equinox. Not quite the 3x a week I wanted but still better than before especially given Baby Faye's atrocious sleeping, busy life, and then stomach flu.

I've also been working slowly on an embroidery pattern for our bathroom door (our hall has 3 doors and it always confuses people so my dancing day of the dead pattern is the solution).

I did the rib cage but then didn't like it, so I've since undone that section and sort of stagnated on the project. Mental note to get back on track. If you're wondering where I found this pattern, wonder no more, Urban Threads is the answer.


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