Friday, May 16, 2014

elemental art journal: east

Every now and then, I try to carve out a bit of time to just sit with an element and meditate on it through art. This is what today's meditation on East inspired:

Today's meditation on the East started off simply, with working with yellow and purple, only to end up in a contemplation of my own reactions towards the teachers who have come before me and who have shaped my practice and spiritual evolution.

The line sun arise is actually part of (mis-remembered) of an Alice Cooper song (yes, I just referenced Alice Cooper) that one of my exes loved. I'm not sure what prompted the memory, but there you have it. Stranger things have been known to happen but today's strangeness comes from a fusion of Eastern bamboo and Alice Cooper.

More significantly I found myself thinking about the ascended masters and teachers who have come before and shed light on the paths we travel towards remembrance. Lately I am feeling them very much with me, which is lovely and sort of rare for me. This is an area in my practice that I have not always connected with, ironically given my teacher status in life and love of education. I tend to forget to think of all my inspirations, teachers, etc as being part of the journey, there to offer wisdom and so forth.


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