Thursday, May 8, 2014

essential oils for changing habits and reactions

I'm currently reading this book: Releasing Emotional Patterns which I find interesting. The basic premise is that we can use scents to help reprogram our responses and emotions. Since smell is one of our biggest memory triggers, we use the oils to retrain the way we react to carved out stimuli.

I'm interested in giving it a go, with a certain amount of skepticism of course, because the idea of using scents to create a mood or change a reaction sort of makes sense to me as I have found that scent can do that already.

If you think about it, we use scent in ritual to create a ritual state of mind. And certain smells can bring us right back to places/experiences. The smell of Frankincense for me will always be associated with calming meditation. And Nag Champa, with an old roommate. Lilac is a home in Victoria, BC and a stage of live/mind that went with it.

This is of course a much more detailed and conscious way of recreating said patterns, so we'll see. I'm always a little skeptical of Young Living or doTerra claims as the miraculous claims put forth by both companies are fed by in house research and a cult like following (that said, I do have a YL living account for personal use).

This approach requires that we recognize the response and the reasoning behind it before trying to change it (there's a lot more in the book than this, but this is the bit that relates to my goal right now). It requires that we do the inner work and then use the oils to reinforce positive change. I think that for best success, we'd need to start off with something simple that we understand and then build. I'm currently mulling over what I'd like work with. I'm thinking that something simple but ingrained, like my road rage in traffic (don't worry, I'm not crazy road rage, just pissy road rage) might be a good place to start.

I know that part of the reason I react when driving is that I get angry over everyone's need to be number one and not be thoughtful towards others, even while I am guilty of doing the same. We are all fighting for our piece of the pie and the more we fight, the angrier and more selfish we get on the road, each of us triggering the other, if we let it happen. My need to get home is more urgent than yours. My frustration is more pronounced, you're just being selfish for not understanding my needs. And so on and so forth. I understand why I react this way. And sometimes I'm able to sit back and laugh at myself, thus letting go of my pent up frustration and aggression. When I do, I feel calmer and things are just better. I do things that make the ride more enjoyable, like singing or listening to a favourite podcast.

My goal, I think, is to work on remembering to follow through with that reaction more. To practice loving kindness to myself and other drivers while on the road. And by extension, just make the journey more pleasant. Once I find the oil that is conducive to clearing my anger, the idea is then to apply it to points on my body to help release the pattern. I think that for myself, I'm going to approach this slightly differently.

Since part of my response is related to some of my spiritual aspirations (see the divine in everyone, see the reaction before reacting, ego based stuff), I'm going to use Frankincense, which I associate with my practice, to help me remember who I am and my responses.

What do you think? Would you try it? And if so, for what reaction?


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