Saturday, May 17, 2014

this week I am

These days I've been working a lot on cleaning things up. From spring cleaning my home bit by bit to cleaning up some of the clutter in my mind/projects. It's slow going but life affirming in a weird way. I've been working at standing up for myself when need be but also calling myself on some of my B.S. that I don't like owning up to. There are some areas in my life where I need to grow up a bit. And I'm working on them. I don't expect to ever really move beyond them necessarily as I see them more as a work in progress, but the work, I think, is important.

On a lighter note, I'm currently trying out my very first custom designed stamp:

What do you think? It was super fun to make and I'm happy with how it turned out. I have a whole line of stamps that I want to create, this was just the trial model to see how I liked working with the company.

Would you like one? I have 2 extras that I'm selling on Etsy.


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