Friday, August 22, 2014

last week: earth and the physical body

Last week:

pagan week in review

Lately I have been focusing on my physical well being. I've been working with Earth and as a result, I am have been very grounded in manifesting balance in my physical realm. It's been amazing. And something I tend to forget that I need VERY much in my life.

How this is manifesting in my daily life:

I have gotten back into a regular yoga practice.

This time I am trying Moksha yoga instead of Ashtanga and I have to say that I'm liking it. I thought I would hate hot yoga. And I thought that hot yoga = eco disaster! But the studio is really committed to sustainability and I love how the heat warms my muscles and creates more flexibility in the poses. I loved some of my Ashtanga teachers and honestly, my entire concept/understanding of loving kindness in my daily life comes from a particular teacher and it was a life changing realization for me. (It's funny how the smallest things, at the right moment, can be pivotal). But that said, I find my Moksha classes to be a good fit for me right now because they remind me constantly to follow my own body, to not compare, to be in my own practice, all of which are things that my Capricornian mind needs to be constantly reminded of during practice!

I am thinking a lot about the food I consume.

I spent a week doing a real food challenge, eating little to no sugar or refined foods and thinking about how I'm pairing nutrients in every meal. It was an excellent practice and it taught me a lot about my food choices. I realized that as a vegetarian, far too much of my protein is tied to fatty food sources and that I need to rethink those choices.

Less cheese, beans and quinoa, more lentils. (Yes, I know quinoa is crazy healthy, but there are some ethical questions about it's consumption to consider and it's crazy high in calories, which while helpful to some lifestyles, may not be beneficial to high caloric North American lifestyles).

Drinking more water, Plexus, and weight loss

I'm not usually one to go for the diet stuff. From shakes, mixes, bars, etc. But I decided to give the Plexus fad a go after several of the moms in my mom group seemed to be having success with it. I know that there are pros and cons to any diet fad/product, so you don't need to list them for me. It's expensive. And I signed up with a wholesale account (that's the link... I'm not trying to sell you anything though, promise). But I'll be honest, it does seem to be helping. I'm down 6lbs after 2 weeks. But is it the food/exercise or the product? Honestly, I think it's both because I'm committed to doing the work. The drink/water is helping me reduce my sugar cravings. And those were quite problematic for me. But the water is keeping me full and cleansing my system. I'm drinking a TON of water. (Ok, not a ton.... literally...).

Overall though, it is all working together and making me feel more energetic and excited about getting healthy and treating my body well. It's so easy to forget the things that make us feel better, but they are so very important.

Right now the goal is to keep plugging away, one day at a time, towards better health choices, from food, water, and exercise, until I feel like my body is strong and healthy. Not skinny. Not perfect. Just better than where it has been in the past few years.


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