Wednesday, October 1, 2014

my latest fashion crush: jamberry

So have I shared my latest obsession with you all lately? Jamberry Nail Wraps:

Black Nail Polish + Mind Games wrap

Mind Games + Black and White Chevron
Seriously, I'm in love. I have spent so much money on stupid nail polish. Toxic and non toxic. I've done gel. I've even dabbled in a few acrylics. These are by far my absolute favourites.

I'm actually hosting a party, so if you're interested in trying them, you should write my friend Meghann and see if she'll send you a sample. Tell her Marya sent you (ooohh... real life name). I'm pretty sure you'll love them. Added bonus, despite being a disposable consumer good, they are made in the states and free of a ton of that toxic junk (see side photo).

I realize that I'm coming across as spammy, but honestly, I'm just really in love with the product and want everyone to be in the know about they.

They have some awesome Halloween designs. I'm just saying...


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