Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Random Updates: Goals & Varia

Totally Addicted: to my jamberry nail wraps. It's clearly becoming a problem! This isn't the greatest photo because I didn't clean my nails after filing them, but seriously... so fun. And I've discovered that you can make your own designs and submit them for approval.

Can we say, subtle, covert, pagan inspired wraps much? You know, fun, geeky, goddess loving nails for the office? Or just fun, Halloween nails?

Yup...  this could be a problem!

Reading: Zen Druidery  It's a book written by a friend from my pagan community days. I've been meaning to read it for ages. I'm enjoying it. It's clear and concise and I see where we have overlapping views in some of our spiritual ideals. I'm about 25% in, so I can't speak for it all yet. I do appreciate her clear summary of Buddhism at this point, and the fact that she draws attention to the fact that obviously these are ideals, not dogmatic tenets to hold absolute.

More importantly, I think I just appreciate the fact that she is merging traditions in a way to forge her own path. It's not an easy thing to do and yet, there is a lot to be gained/learned by seeing some of the overlaps/complimentary ideals in traditions. Or at least there is in my opinion. My own path of Wicca draws quite a bit from various traditions, ranging from Hermetics to Buddhism, so a lot of what she has written this far, speaks to me. Added bonus, it's a quick, easy read, which is perfect for where I'm at right now!

Practice: I have been getting better about my daily practice. I would say at this point I'm at 3 to 4 times a week. So I'm getting there. I've been so inconsistent with my meditation that I feel like I'm starting all over again, with all the voices and distractions and itches and twitches that get in the way. And oh my god... the lists of things to do or ideas to explore or ... It's endless in my brain. My mind is a maze of bee like activity and nothing triggers my "inspiration" faster than getting my butt down on the mat to try to let go of my thoughts!

I know that it would be easy to just say f*** it and walk away, but I see, beyond any doubt, how valuable meditation is in my daily life. I know that people struggle with it. I do. Like crazy struggle with it. But all I can say is that I think it's an invaluable practice. That it's fundamental to my path and that it enriches me as a person, so it's worth the struggle, no matter how much I might gripe while doing it. I think there might be a post in me somewhere about this subject. Not a preachy you should do it post, but a post about why I hold it to be the most important part of my practice. I'm letting it percolate for the moment because I know that it would be so easy to slip into a preachy tone on the subject, which isn't what I want.

Halloween & Baby Faye: I bought him a costume. Second hand from a local facebook garage sale page. Cause you know, I'm all about the upcycling! Isn't he cute?

Honestly, this is just the best age. I'm so in love with my kid these days. The first year was rough. He didn't sleep well. He had colic. Everything existed through the lens of fatigue and emotional drain. But now he sleeps, I sleep, my partner sleeps. And we're all much happier for it.

And OMG, he's just amazing. He's growing and developing in the most amazing ways. I'm happy that I'll never do the newborn stage again. Or the first year. But I wouldn't change it for a minute because now, it's totally worth it. He melts my heart daily and makes my days full of laughter and joy. For reals. Totally redonkulously wonderful (even when he's having a bit of a hissy fit).

Journaling: Recently something popped up in my feed (I think it was twitter) about someone's blog failing and moving on. I find the concept of a blog failing intriguing to me. I don't really know what defines a blog as successful. Is it millions of readers? Or 10 engaged readers? Is it readers at all? I guess the underlying question behind success/failure is what the point of blogging is for that particular individual.

Don't get me wrong. I love all your comments. I love knowing that there are people reading this little blog of mine. But ultimately, while I love knowing that there are people reading, I would blog whether there were people reading or not because I blog for myself, first and foremost. I'm not blogging to create lasting blog friendships (in fact, sometimes I feel like I'm one of the few bloggers who hasn't actually made besties via blogging), nor do I blog for money/business.

I don't blog consistently, though I go through ebbs and flows of trying for something consistent in this space. I don't read other pagan blogs consistently either. I mean to. But well, life happens, you know? I'd love to be one of those blogs that drive the discussion on spirituality, but I know that I'm not. This isn't some academic space, exploring the higher ideals of spirituality. No, it's just my own little corner of the web where I ponder the thoughts banging around in my head and I guess that's why I don't have any specific idea about what would make this blog a success or not.

I don't know... lately I think I feel a little jaded by blogging because it seems like blogs are trying to hard to being profitable (she says,even though the link above is an affiliate link... mostly there because she's curious about what that's all about really). It seems like too many people are trying to latch on to the blogger boom bubble and define their niche market than actually just being a plain ol' blog.

I don't know. Am I alone in this? Why do you blog? What is blogging success in your eyes?


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