Monday, December 22, 2014

my word for 2015

I think I've found my word(s) for 2015.

I was really unsure about them this year, so I did Susannah Conway's Find Your Word meditation, which I really enjoyed because it brought a different element of mindfulness to my choice this year. Added note, I loved her use of colouring to help unlock your choice. It was totally aligned with my whole love of art journal as an intentional meditation act.

I've chosen to go with forgiveness this year (with a side note of joy).

I've spent the past year nurturing an really negative self dialogue, beating myself up for not getting it all done and for failing to find balance. From the blog, to my daily mediation, to life as a mom and wife, to well, just pretty much anything. And it's time to throw it out the window and practice more self-kindness by letting go of the anger I feel towards my shortcomings.

I know, duh. But I'm totally struggling with it and I want 2015 to be a year that leads to a better sense of emotional wellbeing in my day to day life.

  • So I'm going to forgive myself for not being size 8 and the fact that I will never be size 8.
  • I'm forgiving the fact that I wasn't the mom I wanted to be during my son's first year (and consecutive years).
  • I'm forgiving myself for not doing the daily practice even though I knew it would make me happier.
  • Oh hell, I'm forgiving myself for a whole slew of things with the intention of setting up a gentler, less demanding "to do" list.

So yeah. Forgiveness because I think that this year I need to be kinder to myself and remember kindness in my daily interactions.


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