Monday, February 16, 2015

distorted reactions

I've been thinking a lot about personal perception lately and how that influences how we see the world around us, from day to day events to the way we interact with others.

I think sometimes the universe conspires to make us aware of things all in one fell swoop. Things that have been on the periphery of our minds suddenly become concrete in unexpected ways. For me, lately, this has been driven home a lot through watching my thoughts during meditation and conversations with friends about their reactions to things that I see as having unfolded very differently.

There are many ways of looking at meditation, but for me, the key thing that I tend to take away from my meditation practice, is what I tend to try to fill my mind with when shying away from letting go of my attachment to my thoughts.

It's always a bit of an awakening when I have to face how much of my life is filled up with notions of to do, should do, should have done, and a kazillion re-created conversations and scenarios. I should have said this, I feel this way, how could they say that, I wish I had...

You know?

The irony of course, is that all this busyness keeps me from having to deal with my reactions. I never have to look at why I'm reacting this way or that. I'm just reacting, often with ingrained responses that don't really have anything to do with what has actually happened.

Which leaves me wondering, how many of us are doing this? Filling our days with stuff and to dos and reactions to the point of creating distorted realities that harm us?


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