Monday, February 2, 2015

the new furbaby

Introducing our new furbaby:

After our last cat, we decided to wait until the new year to add another cat into our family. Last week we picked up this little fella, who is 7 months and already bigger than our last cat was. He is a rescue and you might notice that one of his eyes looks a little funky. That's because he had an eye infection when he was originally rescued. He's fine now but has a battle wound to add character.

He's a Maine Coon (not likely purebred but who knows) and he's living up to the reputation these cats have. He's gentle and super affectionate and shaping up to be a BIG cat.

Baby Faye, aka L, is super excited about him. R (the kitty), is still a bit unsure about L, but getting braver, day by day.

It's nice to have a cat back in the family. I missed having a furbaby (even if my real baby takes up lots of my time). My feet are much warmer at night :)

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