Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yulemas Countdown

I'm so looking forward to the holidays this year. I didn't go all out for Halloween cause I was just burnt out but "Yulemas" is going to rock this turn of the wheel. Little Faye (he's getting bigger, no longer a baby), is totally gung ho about all the seasonal stuff and it's amazing.

We put up the holiday lights this week and he loves them. The drive home from work has turned into a new adventure in pointing out all the lights that are out and about along the way. Next weekend we're putting up the tree and I think he's going to love the lights in the house.

Tomorrow we start an advent calendar for the first time. I've decided to have a knock off elf, named Tito by Little Faye, who will deliver a box daily as Little Faye is a little too young to get the waiting to pull out the boxes.

I bought the countdown boxes at the end of season a few years ago (clearly I have a hoarding problem) and only finally decorated it this year. It's not perfect but given that it's going to be used by a toddler, it doesn't need to be. At the end of this season I'll look for a wooden one that will last past toddler-hood.

I debated starting it a bit earlier to coincide with the Solstice but in the end decided that it was ok to sync it with the 25th. The overlap is close enough and the point of the season is still there even if I let it be generally celebrated as Christmas.

I always find it somewhat challenging to blend the holidays in a way that still honours my own traditions. I suspect it's going to be a lifelong issue for me. But it's ok. As long as he learns the important stuff, that's what matters. The dates don't matter as much as the general themes and values.

Hopefully Little Faye loves his Tito the elf advent adventures!


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