Saturday, December 12, 2015

december reflections: day 12

I'm terribly inconsistent with these kind of things but I do love them.

For today:

December Reflections  Photo that represents your best decision of 2015


We tore out a wall and added a bench and shelf. The project isn't finished but we finally have a decent entry way, which makes me super happy! Our entrance was super crowded and awkward. I took out the closet door but with a partial wall it still felt really cramped.

Work: changing jobs

My job had been in flux for a few years and I finally made the decision to change jobs. It's been the best decision ever. I'm so happy in my new job. And I get paid to sit with students and decorate ornaments or talk about leadership or plan retreats or work to being a refugee student over. It's amazing.

So best decisions of 2015.


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