Friday, December 11, 2015

yulemas through a child's eyes

We've been doing the Yulemas elf over here in Faye-land and it's be super fun! We're keeping it simple. Tito the Yule Elf brings Little Faye a chocolate surprise every morning. Little Faye has gotten to the point that he actually looks for his delivered box when he gets up, which I didn't think he'd understand.

Clearly I don't give my son nearly enough credit!

My mother once said to me that Christmas was for kids and only now do I fully comprehend what she meant during that conversation. Watching the holidays through my young son's eyes, celebrating the season for the first time that he really gets it? Seriously amazing. Like amazeballs amazing!

It brings the magic back into the season and makes it special. And it's not about the consumerism. It's about his joy over the small stuff. The lights. The chocolate. Santa (even if he doesn't understand who Santa is yet). The gatherings with friends and family.

Yup. This year Yulemas, despite all the hardships surrounding it this year (sick family members, my mom drama, striking at work), is truly magical. Even without the snow.

And I'm very thankful for that.


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