Sunday, September 13, 2015

Art journaling with crayola

Who said mamas couldn't art journal? Me?

Clearly I was mistaken!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

every day tales from a non sleeping mom

It's been a while. Such is life. Here's what's new in Faye-land:

I started a new position in the college I work at. I'm now in charge of student engagement, aboriginal students, intercultural activities and leadership, and sustainability. It's kind of a huge job and while it's awesome because I love all the elements in it, it's a huge learning curve and big enough to actually be 3 jobs. Budget cuts have led to it being all fit into one position. Lucky me!

In all seriousness though, it's a pretty amazing gig and it was time to change focus. I was getting bogged down in the dramas of my old office.

This is my cat. He says hello :)
Baby Faye turned 2 and decided to go through the worst sleep regression ever, paired with separation anxiety. It was bad. Like I wanted to tear my eyes out bad. But it's finally getting better again. Thank god! I was just saying how I was digging this motherhood gig, finally, wholeheartedly, and then BAM, I was hating it like nobody's business. I was literally going to work for 12 hours days on 3.5 hours of broken sleep. Nothing looks clear or good through that bleary-sleep-deprived lens. I was throwing myself some rather big pity parties. I'll own it!

I've lost 13lbs (which isn't much more than last time I wrote but I didn't gain during the bad month, so that's just plain amazing). I'm still working on finding a balanced, sustainable approach to health and fitness and everything else. Trying to get exercise in on a daily basis, but also make time for the things I love. That will likely get easier as Baby Faye settles back into a happy space.

I'm actually starting to feel the urge to make time for crafty stuff again, though I admit that I'm daunted by the idea of stepping foot in my craft space. It's kind of a disaster! Here's what creativity looks like these days:

My kid is obsessed with transport. It's redonkulous. Who knew trains and tractors were so damn exciting? I didn't!
Baby Faye loves drawing right now. Those purple "circles" make him very proud. He was sure to let me know that they are in fact circles. I can't believe he actually knows what circles are already. I'm constantly amazed by how much more he knows now than I expect. In fact, remembering that he understands more than he can communicate has been a big part of working through his emotional anxieties lately.

We painted the bathroom. It was white before but because it was so dark, it looked grey and blah. Hoping the fresh colour will perk things up. I want to add blues and green into the mix, like the image below
I want the space to have a fresh but Zen feel to it. But of course, that has to be done with a toddler who touches everything in mind! We have this huge bathroom (it's such a waste of space actually) that I'd like to make more practical and warm.

I'm also working on an entrance project to make our entry look something a bit more like this:

It's not an exact match, but it's the main point of inspiration for the entry way. We have a friend who will build the bench and shelf for us. Not sure about the colour yet. I'd it to be bold and make a statement. But not red. I've have enough red in my house! The wood will have a more antique feel to it. I'm excited. This is a project I've wanted done for a long time. I can't wait to share the finished project.