Monday, December 21, 2015

word for the wheel: yule

I've been really putting way too much thought into this, but I think it's probably a good sign as it means I'm off to a good start!

Here are some of my thoughts on taking my word and thinking about it in light of Yule sabbat:

View and download pdf here.

I haven't decided whether I want to art journal or scrapbook this as a process but I am going to document my answers in some form. In addition to the questions above, I'm also going to take some time to talk about what my word means to me, taking a bit from this post.

I'm doing this process for myself but since I am intent on sharing it, if you feel so inclined to join in, please do (now or at any point along the way). I'll create a fixed page feed and anyone who joins in and lets me know, can be added to the link so others can check out how the word for the wheel is playing out in your life this year.

Happy Yule and blessings for 2016.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

word of the year

Every year I pick a word for the year. Some years I see that word manifest in big ways,  other years less so. Some years I drop my word completely because it no longer speaks to me or because I'm not in the head space to really commit to the reflections.

I'm ok with that,  especially in the last few years that have just felt chaotic and fraught with upheaval and change.

I originally though I would choose a word like nurture again as it worked so well for me years ago. It was broad enough to encompass enough and yet focused enough to feel directive.

After a fair amount of thought though I have come to what I think I need most this year:


It's a word that speaks to me on so many levels right now. Healing a broken heart being the most obvious of course but in so many other ways too. I've spent midst of my life wearing my self-righteous anger and indignant feelings on my sleeve, hiding my heart away in safe places because of a fear of rejection. Suffice to say,  I have had my reasons and emerging from the worst rejection yet,  I refuse to let my life be defined by it.

I refuse to close my heart. I don't want to kick it away and carry my emotions hidden away,  not trusting that they will be safe in other's keeping.

More importantly, I'm at my best and happiest when I live with my heart open. And everything in my life seems to be challenging me to do it more often and to remind me that things flow better when I do. From work to my marriage. From my second degree teachings to my role as a mother.

Of course,  being the thinking witch that I am,  I find it fitting that I'm contemplating how to bring about a new focus,  birth of a new word, a new intention on the eve of Yule. That I'm thinking aboutt how I can wall this path,  cycling through the sabbats with this word manifest in my life,  willing it into being and nurturing it through the seasons. I'm thinking about how other bloggers, scrapbookers, etc, take up the challenge of their word through the year and rethinking it in light of my own particular path.

Dare I say it but I think I've figured out how I want to link the wheel of the year to my reflections on my word. Stay tuned if you're a fellow pagan wordie.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

december reflections: day 12

I'm terribly inconsistent with these kind of things but I do love them.

For today:

December Reflections  Photo that represents your best decision of 2015


We tore out a wall and added a bench and shelf. The project isn't finished but we finally have a decent entry way, which makes me super happy! Our entrance was super crowded and awkward. I took out the closet door but with a partial wall it still felt really cramped.

Work: changing jobs

My job had been in flux for a few years and I finally made the decision to change jobs. It's been the best decision ever. I'm so happy in my new job. And I get paid to sit with students and decorate ornaments or talk about leadership or plan retreats or work to being a refugee student over. It's amazing.

So best decisions of 2015.


Friday, December 11, 2015

yulemas through a child's eyes

We've been doing the Yulemas elf over here in Faye-land and it's be super fun! We're keeping it simple. Tito the Yule Elf brings Little Faye a chocolate surprise every morning. Little Faye has gotten to the point that he actually looks for his delivered box when he gets up, which I didn't think he'd understand.

Clearly I don't give my son nearly enough credit!

My mother once said to me that Christmas was for kids and only now do I fully comprehend what she meant during that conversation. Watching the holidays through my young son's eyes, celebrating the season for the first time that he really gets it? Seriously amazing. Like amazeballs amazing!

It brings the magic back into the season and makes it special. And it's not about the consumerism. It's about his joy over the small stuff. The lights. The chocolate. Santa (even if he doesn't understand who Santa is yet). The gatherings with friends and family.

Yup. This year Yulemas, despite all the hardships surrounding it this year (sick family members, my mom drama, striking at work), is truly magical. Even without the snow.

And I'm very thankful for that.