Wednesday, January 20, 2016

3 lessons I've learned from working out

3 things I've learned about myself from working out:

If I want to be successful, I need to do it every day. (Ok, there can be a day break from time to time but only for a good reason). Why? Because I lose focus and drive if I take breaks. I drag my butt about getting there to do the workout. Once I start, I'm good. But I will excuse myself from doing a workout in a million different ways if I let myself get away with it. So while I might not physically need to work out every day, I'm better to do shorter, but daily workouts so that I stay focused.
bright red post workout, always.
no matter how in shape I get!

I'm pretty sure this might be a lesson that crosses over into my meditation practice and is something that I need to look at closely in terms of getting back to a productive practice that nurtures my magical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

I'm also pretty sure this means I'm going to have to start dragging my butt out of bed really early, every morning, to get it done.


Because the second lesson I've learned is that I am a morning person and working out at night is a recipe for disaster until I'm really in it and focused (aka, mildly obsessive) about doing the work on a daily basis! I'm realizing that I will feed my excuses, opting to crawl into bed or watch netflix instead of doing the workout. Pretty much every single time. Sadly, since my son wakes super early, this also means that I need to wake even earlier in order to ensure that I actually have enough down time to work out and shower before he wakes. Sigh. I never thought that 4:30am wake ups would be a reality in my life after I gave up slogging coffee to the masses.

Life is clearly enjoying a laugh at my expense!

I'm also learning that I need to harnass my slightly obsessive nature into positive outlets. AKA, workouts and nutrition. But that I need to ensure that I do so constructively not actually obsessively. This is always a challenge for me but I'm working it.

Lastly, as much as I bemoan the workouts and the early mornings, blah blah blah, they actually make me happier and a better person. My primary ayurvedic dosha is Pitta (Pitta-Kapha to be exact but Pitta pretty much sums me up to a T), fire, and I need the physical outlet to burn off the excess fire in my system. I've spent the past few months working through a lot of anger and learning just how much regular exercise helps me release that anger and fire in my belly constructively. The great irony is that I've read for years that my body type needs the exercise but it's only recently, after I stopped working out and had to deal with a lot of anger, that I really finally knew this to be true.


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