Thursday, February 18, 2016

gratitude mala practice

So I came across this idea that I just love in one of my facebook groups and I'm totally jumping onboard with it. The idea is to do a daily gratitude practice using a mala style prayer necklace or bracelet.

So I went hunting for the perfect mala style bracelet (not 108 beads because honestly I want to be setting myself up for success not failure... logging 108 gratitudes in a day is a bit cray cray if you ask me even if it's a beautiful intention).  I knew when I went looking that I really wanted a lotus on the bracelet as the lotus represents a lot of things I hold dear to my practice and spirituality, from the idea of beauty rising from the muck to as above so below. That helped narrow the search significantly, thank the gods, as there are a lot of malas on etsy (who knew).

I found this beautiful Canadian shop, kisii, and ordered the bracelet above. Yes, I realize that it's not a traditional mala, but that's ok because it was the idea of the mala prayer bracelet not so much the official mala that drives the practice. There was also another shop, Saltspring Malas, that was absolutely gorgeous but above my price range for the moment. I kind of love that the 2 shops (real traditional etsy vendors, not, based on what I can tell, China resellers) were Canadian. Shout out for my fellow crunchy Canadians!!!

I'm super excited for this practice as I think that it has the potential to bring mindfulness about my aspirations and goals for the year, as well as a gratitude meditation/practice into my daily life.

Once again, thank you interwebs for bringing some awesomeness into my life.


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