Monday, April 4, 2016

working the work

I've been reading Ophiel's The Art of Astral Projection and am quite enjoying it. Definitely a recommended book, despite some of the chattiness of the text. I think he makes some great points for consideration. 

I've been meditating in is the act of patience and diligence while learning the craft.  Far too often, as he himself notes, it's too easy to get derailed in a practice because it doesn't come easily, is too much work or we muck up while learning it. 

I catch myself falling into this trap all the time. And yet, it's only in making mistakes that we learn. The road to success isn't paved in ease, it's paved in failure (so to speak). 

So I'm walking my route every day, noticing the details, working the system in order to master the craft of astral projection; working the little system. 
My husband looks at me like I'm crazy as I ponder the details of our stairway, but it's all good. Just you wait till my astral spectre freaks him out! 

Kidding. 😉

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