Tuesday, July 12, 2016

tarot workshop and new cards

So I signed up for a tarot workshop with Susannah Conway, 78 mirrors, and it's seriously not good for my tarot love. I mean, it's good but it's adding fuel to my must have them all, now card obsession.

Generally I have been good with one deck at a time. First the Haindl tarot deck and now, since the universe decided that I'd outgrown the deck, the Thoth tarot deck. I find the Thoth a challenging deck but one that works well with my teachings. I find the deck a bit tricky and sassy at times, which I suppose, is in keeping with Crowley's energy, so there's that.

I've often considered getting a new deck though and this course is feeding that desire by exposing me to all these amazing decks. I admit it, my husband is going to kill me when he finds out but I've just purchased the Shadowscapes tarot deckRadiant Rider-Waite deck (mainly for study purposes), and the Mary-El tarot deck.

Amazing and so exciting. I can't wait!

But wait for it...

I'm also eyeing up the Lumina tarot deck but thank god it's out of stock at the moment cause I love the look of it a lot!

The process has me drawing daily cards, which is something I think will be good for me in terms of reconnecting (or connecting) with my deck and practice. I've had a hard time with this deck even though it gives good readings because I often find it hard to make the readings concrete. Hopefully working with it intentionally will help form a better ability to ground my readings and understand them because I really miss using my tarot.

And if that fails, well... I'll have a bunch of other decks to choose from!

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