Thursday, June 2, 2016

life lately

Things I've been up to lately: 

1. Being girly 


I feel pretty 😛


My skin is a bit red and shiny but oh so soft. 

2. Planting and tending a garden

Poppies, lavender and alliums oh my!

3. Traveling for work:

Have I mentioned that I currently love my job? They sent me to an enviro conference to brainstorm Eco activities for the next year!

4. Being amused and exasperated by my child:

Mr L trying out his fashion sense. 

5. Co-hosting general awesomeness for work:

And oh so much more but them's the recent highlights. 

stopping to breathe

It's been a crazy half year. My new job is great but demanding and I've been finding it hard to balance all the extras beyond every day life into some sort of quasi routine. 

Even mini art journaling has taken way longer than ever before. It's ok, but sometimes frustrating because I miss having art time. 

Currently taking a few days off in order to do just that. 

Hope all is well with those of you still here 😀