about faye

I'm always a little daunted by the prospects of an "about me" page, but it's one of the first pages I visit on blogs that I am about to start following so I obviously think it's important to know something about the person you're reading!

So what can I tell you about me?

  First and foremost, I'm just your average, every day individual, living a fairly ordinary life while following the pagan path. If you met me on the street you’d probably have no idea I’m pagan but you might catch on to a slight hippie crunchy vibe if you talk to me long enough! By day I’m a teacher and wife and in my spare time I’m an avid crafter/artist (though I’m still a little bit shy about defining myself as an artist).

Other random but noteworthy tidbits about me:

  I'm from the west coast of Canada but moved out east to Montreal in 2000.

  I love traveling and I often dream of dropping everything and living in some random country.

  I'm also a total lit geek with a MA in Literature that focuses on literature from India. Suffice to say, I read a lot of novels from India and I can talk on and on and on about them, their cultural significance, and what writing in English might mean for an Indian author/literary culture.

  I'm a raging lefty, so don't get me started on politics unless you're prepared for a rant about all that is wrong in our country/world.

  I'm a vegetarian and have been since I was 16. In fact, it was the only New Year's resolution that I've ever kept. I love seeing how much more accessible the vegetarian diet is becoming in mainstream culture.

  My path hasn't always been clear and I've learned a lot along the way - mostly that I still have so much yet to learn! In many ways I am still very much a newbie and my (mis)adventures are just beginning. Some days I'm a little fluffy, some days I'm a wee bit wicked and sarcastic.

  Lately I'm pretty obsessed with creativity, community and spirituality. How they fit together, how they nurture each other, and how to foster your own community that embodies creativity and spirituality in positive ways.

Thanks for joining me on the journey. Even though I know it can be daunting to leave a comment for someone you don't know, I would love to hear from you and know that you've visited.

Questions? Comments? Just want to contact me?

You can find me here: aradiascauldron @ gmail. com