Origins of Aradia's Cauldron

The founder of Aradia's Cauldron has been practicing a variety of Magick for 20 plus years. Dwelling in solitary magick, and traditions that range from Witchcraft, Paganism, Sregheria, Wicca, Druidry, Ceremonial Magick, Faerie Magick, and many others. She immerse's herself in her craft, and is always exploring and learning new ways. She loves to share her passion with others, as it brings her much joy to share the magick of the world with other likeminded individuals.

Aradia's Cauldron is run by a mom of three little boys who are her absolute world. She decided to pursue her passion in owning her own business so that she could do what she loves, while being home to raise her sons alongside her husband of 17 years. She works diligently to provide a unique service to those that feel called to participate in this beautiful path. She is truly committed to her customers and loves to serve the community!

Aradia's Cauldron

Aradia's Cauldron provides quality supplies for any level of practitioner. We take pride in supplying the most unique and beautiful tools available that will help you to practice your craft successfully and to help guide you along your magickal path.

Aradia's Apothecary

Aradia's Apothecary provides quality products for the witch's herbal cabinet of any level. We are on a never ending journey to create the most uplifting, soul-healing, and mood boosting products that will undoubtedly serve it's purpose for every witch or warlock of his or her kind.

Aradia's Cauldron is dedicated to providing Exceptional Customer Service through...

Providing quality products

Prompt communication

On-time shipping and quality delivery

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or concerns!