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Aradia's Cauldron

Ancient Kyphi

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Jar size: 2oz. One jar contains 10 Kyphi incense balls.

Kyphi is one of the oldest incense blends in the world. It allegedly originated in ancient Egypt, and was discussed by Galen, Plutarch, and Dioscordes. Kyphi was used for medicinal and religious purposes, as it was believed its components could expel evil spirits and maladies by purifying the air. Mysticism and medicine merge in perfume.

Our version of Kyphi (a word derived from the ancient Egyptian kap-t 'to perfume, to ignite') is a uniquely sweet, and calming blend of carefully selected herbs, resins, and roots with honey, and wine-macerated raisins and dates. The aroma is reminiscent of ancient times and has its own unique, timeless quality. It is best enjoyed to burn a ball of Kyphi using the tea-light method, (Directions are listed below), after sunset and through the night to get the most of its transformative, invigorating, healing, and warming effects.

We hand blend all of our creations with intention and love, infusing every product with the finest natural ingredients straight from mother earth, using the highest quality plant extracted oils.

This batch was compounded using only highest quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients. 

Directions: Place a tea-light candle inside of an 8oz mason jar. Light the tea-light candle, and then place one of our golden metal strainers on top of the mason jar. Then place one of our hand-rolled Kyphi balls into the strainer over the candle-lit flame. Watch the smoke almost instantaneously fill your space with its unique aroma. Burn the Kyphi ball on one side until you see the smoke completely dissipate. Once the smoke clears, take one of our stainless steel tongs and gently roll the ball over to a new side to start the smoking process all over again. Let the pieces completely burn until there is no more smoke produced, then discard anything remaining. One incense ball burns about 15 minutes or more.

Please note this kyphi is best used and intended to be burned using the tea-light method. Any other method can produce an unpleasant scorched smell if the heat reaches over an undesired temperature. The tea-light method is a tried and tested method that works best for this type of wet-based incense!