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Aradia's Cauldron


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3”x3” (SMALL) 3”x5” (LARGE)

SMALL 3"x3" weighs approx 1.73 oz

LARGE 3"x5" weighs approx 3.63 oz


Discover the essential multivitamin, bee pollen - a blend of flower pollen, nectar, enzymes, honey, wax and bee secretions. Worker bees collect pollen from plants and store it in the beehive to nourish their colony. It's important to note that bee pollen should not be mistaken for other bee products like honey, royal jelly or honeycomb, which may or may not contain pollen or other substances.


In recent years, bee pollen has become popular among the health community due to its abundance of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, lipids, and over 250 active compounds.


The Federal Ministry of Health in Germany has officially classified bee pollen as a medicinal product. Extensive research has been conducted on the health benefits of bee pollen, revealing promising outcomes.

Discover 10 scientifically-supported health benefits of bee pollen.

-The noteworthy quantity of antioxidants present in bee pollen is highly effective in safeguarding against the harm caused by harmful free radicals and chronic illnesses.

-This product may help reduce the risk of heart disease by targeting known risk factors such as high levels of blood lipids and cholesterol.

-Enhance liver health by shielding it against harmful toxins and illness.

-This product contains a variety of compounds known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

-Assist in preventing illness by enhancing immunity and eliminating bacteria.

-May assist in the healing of wounds and reduce the risk of infections.

-This product contains potentially beneficial properties for combating cancer.

-Soothes menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes.

-Enhance nutrient absorption, boost metabolism, and promote longevity.

-This product is suitable for the majority of individuals and can be seamlessly incorporated into your dietary routine.

The suggested use for bee pollen is to start with a half a teaspoon and work your way up to 2-5 teaspoons per day.